Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a safer, cleaner place through our superior anti-viral and health screening products that seamlessly integrate into work and home life. We offer our tireless commitment to helping our customers create germ-free environments using scientifically-proven technology, EPA approved disinfectant solutions and eco-gentle methods.


Core Values

  • Champion the mission

  • Embrace the adventure

  • Do what’s right, always

  • Stay humble and curious

  • Build and shape a better future

  • Celebrate authenticity

About Us

Proudly founded in the Pacific Northwest, our Oregon-based CleanerPath team is dedicated to providing reliable, family and pet safe products that create a clean environment for home and work. We are experts in the field with over 50+ years of combined experience in distribution and service. Our team is committed to supplying our global community with proven viral and microbial fighting solutions.


CleanerPath is earth-conscious and focused on helping people feel safe. Our goal is to help our workforce get back to business by providing tools to create germ-free surroundings for their customers, staff, and loved ones.

Contact Information

info@cleanerpath.com  |  Tel: 503.347.1860 

Based in Portland, Oregon USA


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